1) Who holds the AL record for most singles in a season?
A) Wade Boggs
B) Ty Cobb
C) Pete Rose
D) Tony Gwynn

2) Who was the first player to have 400 or more career homeruns and stolen bases?
A) Jimmie Foxx
B) Bobby Bonds
C) Barry Bonds
D) Willie Mays

3) What player led the majors with 9 HR in 1909?
A) Babe Ruth
B) Honus Wagner
C) Ty Cobb
D) Tris Speaker

4) Only one pitcher has pitched to Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Roger Maris. Who is he?
A) Roger Clemens
B) Dennis Martinez
C) Nolan Ryan
D) Rollie Fingers

5) Who said "How hard is hitting? You ever walk into a pitch-black room full of furniture that you've never been in before and try to walk through it without bumping into anyhting? Well, it's harder than that." Who said that?
A) Roberto Clemente
B) Ted Kluszewski
C) Mike Schmidt
D) George Brett

6) Who broke Bobby Bonds career record for leadoff homers?
A) Kenny Lofton
B) Ralph Kiner
C) Rickey Henderson
D) Pie Traynor

7) What Hall of Famer is this the epitaph of: "I want to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave all he had to give."
A) Pete Rose
B) Lou Brock
C) Nap Lajoie
D) Roberto Clemente

8) Who was known as the "Black Babe Ruth"?
A) Josh Gibson
B) Satchel Paige
C) Jackie Robinson
D) Cool Papa Bell

9) How far is the "Green Monster" at Fenway Park from home plate?
A) 340'
B) 325'
C) 317'
D) 310'

10) How far is the pitcher's rubber from home plate?
A) 60'-0"
B) 61'-0"
C) 60'-6"
D) 66'-0"

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