1) Who had the nickname "poodles"?
A) Greg Anderson
B) Bill Willoughby
C) James Worthy
D) Chuck Connors

2) When Michael Jordan returned from his first retirement what number did he wear for the first few games?
A) 23
B) 34
C) 45
D) 56

3) During Michael Jordan's first retirement who led the league in scoring those two years?
A) Olajuwon & Robinson
B) Olajuwon & O'neal
C) O'neal & Robinson
D) Ewing and O'neal

4) How many times has Hakeem Olajuwon led the league in scoring?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3

5) Who had the nickname "Dollar Bill"?
A) Bill Willoughby
B) Bill Russell
C) Bill Sanders
D) Bill Bradley

6) What team holds the record for most consecutive wins?
A) Bulls
B) Celtics
C) Lakers
D) 76ers

7) Who holds the record for most three pointers made in one game?
A) Dennis Scott
B) Dale Ellis
C) Nick Anderson
D) Jeff Hornacek

8) Who is the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double for an entire season?
A) Wilt Chamberlain
B) Oscar Robertson
C) Magic Johnson
D) Larry Bird

9) Who is the only player with a NBA Championship?
A) Patrick Ewing
B) Alonzo Mourning
C) Karl Malone
D) Clyde Drexler

10) Who was not a member of the 1992 Dream Team
A) John Stockton
B) Christian Laettner
C) Chris Mullin
D) Hakeem Olajuwon

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