1) What is the width of an NBA backboard?
A)2 ft.
B)1 yd.
C)4 ft.
D)2 yd.

2) . What was the first basketball?
A)Soccer Ball
C)Tennis Ball
D)Golf Ball

3) Which basketball player was the Rookie of the Year in 1984-1985?
A)Larry Bird
B)Michael Jordan
C)Karl Malone
D)John Stockton

4) Whose nickname is the King of New York?
A)Hakeem Olajuwon
B)Larry Johnson
C)Patrick Ewing
D)Charlie Ward

5) How long is a 20-second time out?
A)10 sec.
B)20 sec.
C)30 sec.
D)1 min.

6) What is the length of an NBA court?
A)70 ft.
B)30 yd.
C)100 yd.
D)94 ft.

7) What is the diameter of an NBA basket?
A)12 in.
B)15 in.
C)18 in.
D)21 in.

8) Whose nickname is Sir Charles?
A)Shaquille O'neal
B)Charlie the Tuna
C)Charles Barkley
D)Charles Oakley

9) What year was basketball introduced to the Olympics?

10) At the Olympics, what is the only year that the Americans haven't won the gold medal in basketball?

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